Craig Capurso: Business, Fitness, Family

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CraigCraig Capurso is a name that a lot of people in fitness industry have gotten to know pretty well over the years.  In 2012 Craig decided he was going to quit working as Wall Street’s Fittest Man and turn his life directly toward fitness, but that’s not where he got his beginning and love for the fitness realm.

Since 2009 he has proven that he is a fierce competitor on and off the stage.  On top of winning multiple bodybuilding competitions in his climb to the highest levels of fitness, he has also played semi-professional football.  Being, a life-long athlete, his desire to consistently better himself has shown throughout his career, and especially in his trademarked workout program, HVT from Fire and Ice Fitness.  His training philosophy is much different than many other programs, because they focus on getting a person to change in the first couple of weeks then eventually plateau, Craig’s HVT system is built to keep the muscles constantly guessing, causing growth and change during the entire program.

Craig has a large fan-base not only because he is successful in fitness, but he is also a very down to earth person, as he shares his personal life with his fans through social medias.  He recently became a father to a beautiful baby girl, Faviana Capurso with his wife, Wendy.  Congratulate Craig on his facebook: Craig Capurso, Instagram: craigcapurso, and Twitter: craigcapurso.