Simeon Panda: Bodybuilding Sensation

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photo-8Even if you’re new to fitness, you have undoubtedly heard of the incredible Simeon Panda.  From his shear size, to remarkable shreds, this guy is a Musclemania Pro Natural Bodybuilder and for good reasons.  Standing at 6’1″ and weighing 230 lbs and still insanely cut, it’s no wonder he has been all over social media lately.  The natural freak started lifting at the ripe age of 16, but wasn’t anything close to what he is today, as he was a skinny teenager.  The reason he started lifting was because he met a guy that was a year above him in school who was muscular and ripped, after having a conversation and learning that the guy was training at home, Simeon decided to go out and purchase weights that very day.  He started off slow because he was uninformed and was just improvising in the beginning, but after educating himself through readings he began to learn how to target each muscle to build the symmetry he has today.

His motivation comes from always wanting to be better, seeing progress and achieving the unimaginable, among other things such as training being extremely enjoyable for him, and his fans telling him that he inspires them.  Getting messages like that from people whom he may have never met makes him feel like he is now training for them too.  What seems to work best for him is to lift heavy and hard, but also is smart enough to recognize that the body adapts, so he changes up his regimen often enough to make sure he is not plateauing for long.

Simeon’s favorite quote is, “Though some may be able to throw a stone up a hill, I am prepared to push a boulder up a mountain lest i do not try.”  And, if you have ever seen this man’s physique, you would believe that he CAN push a boulder up a mountain.  Make sure to checkout the incredibly impressive Simeon on Facebook: Simeon Panda Official, Instagram: simeonpanda, and Twitter: simeonpanda.