The Most Famous Fitness Female: Paige Hathaway

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Paige Hathaway has taken the entire fitness industry by storm in the last two years.  From being a Shredz sponsored athlete, to being a strong and beautiful cover model, Paige is becoming a household name for fitness buffs.  In just one year her Instagram alone went from just having a couple hundred followers to over half a million! This Minnesota native hasn’t always been the fit, strong woman that we all know her as today.

In fact, it was just a few short years ago, in 2011, that Paige decided to challenge herself.  She was a very thin woman with hardly any muscle tone, but after speaking with a trainer at her local gym, she became interested in proper nutrition and decided to enter into her first NPC show just a few months later.  To her surprise, after pushing her body to the limit in four months, Paige took second at the Ronnie Coleman Classic and this helped her get exposure.  After the competition she realized that working out and being involved in other people’s fitness journeys was where her passion resided, and became more focused than ever.

Even though Paige lives in the southern state of Oklahoma, she has taken herself and her career to new heights.  And, although being sponsored by big companies like Shredz, competing, and modeling are all fun for her, Paige’s most fulfilling part of her life is being able to help others achieve their fitness goals.  She says, “There is nothing more rewarding than sharing your own story and being told it helped empower someone else to achieve his or her goals.”

If you aren’t already, and you want to know more about this Fit Miss. Hathaway, follow her on Facebook: PaigeHathawayFit, Instagram: Paigehathaway, and Twitter; PaigeHathaway