Contest Organizations

FMZ is highlighting the top 5 fitness federations worldwide.  As the site expands, we’ll be featuring other federations.

Where Do You Go When You’re Ready To Compete?

Before you start competing, it’s important that you know which federation you’re interested in.  Below are a list of all the different fitness federations, with a brief description and link for you to check out.


The International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) was founded by brothers Ben and Joe Weider in 1946, and is the most well known bodybuilding and fitness organization in the world.  They hold competitions in the eight following competitive sports: men’s bodybuilding, women’s bodybuilding, men’s fitness, women’s fitness, men’s athletic fitness, women’s athletic fitness, men’s classic bodybuilding, women’s body-fitness, and women’s bikini.  The IFBB organizes more than 1,000 local, national, regional, continental and world championships each year.  For more information, visit:


The National Physique Committee (NPC) is the largest amateur bodybuilding organization in the United States.  The NPC is recognized as the representative amateur extension of the IFBB for the United States.  Once a fitness athlete competes in an NPC sanctioned fitness contest, they are declared an amateur competitor.  If you then compete in another fitness contest for cash or prizes in a different federation, you are no longer considered an amateur by the NPC—and not yet a professional in the eyes of the IFBB either.  To become an IFBB professional, you must qualify through an NPC sanctioned fitness contest.  For more information, visit:


Just as the NPC is the United States IFBB extension, CBBF is Canada’s only federation for amateur bikini, bodybuilding, fitness, figure, and physique competitions.  This Canadian organization qualifies competitors for the four annual IFBB World Championship competitions, and is the only federation in Canada that awards competitors with an IFBB Pro Card. For more information, visit:


Musclemania began in 1991 and is an exclusive federation for qualified natural bodybuilders and fitness competitors.  Musclemania Professionals who subsequently compete in other federations will lose their Musclemania Professional status and must requalify at a Musclemania regional, national or international competition to regain their status.  Musclemania judging criteria is based upon four, equally scored categories: Symmetry (30%), Muscle Mass (30%), Condition (30%), and Posing Presentation (10% — Top 5 Finalists Only).  For more information, visit:


The World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) is a mainstream worldwide brand that has merged the realms of fitness, fashion, and beauty.  Any competitor who competes in a WBFF show and wins the overall title will obtain professional status and be awarded their WBFF Pro Card.  As an industry-leading fitness federation, the WBFF strives to provide the best opportunities for their competitors, not just in the realm of fitness, but health, beauty, and modeling marketing opportunities as well.  WBFF competitors are judged on Overall Marketability (40%), Physique (40%), and Stage Presence (20%).  For more information, visit: